Superintendent Responsibilities:
  • Participate in pre-construction start up meetings and help establish a strategy for successful completion of each project assigned.
  • Thoroughly review all project documentation, prior to the start of construction, and incorporate the entire scope of services into the project schedule, logistic plans, and all other associated preconstruction planning efforts.
  • Ensure that all company policies are implemented consistently and fully on-site.
  • Safety Policy compliance as directed by Nason Construction Safety Manual.
  • Quality Control adherence as directed by Nason Construction Quality Control Manual.
  • Obtain and Review and all subcontractor insurance certification and assure that all subcontractor on site are working under an approved insurance certificate.
  • Oversee and train Assistant Superintendents, foremen and other project personnel as well as participating in training to advance personal knowledge and supervisory skills.
  • The Project Superintendent must complete and/or maintain quality, accurate administrative records including time sheets, daily construction reports, incident reports, , material slips, EWO’s, T&M subcontractor slips, and expense reimbursement.
  • Notify and meet with all appropriate jurisdictional authorities prior to the start of construction.
  • Plan, order, and setup jobsite trailer and security, phone service, sanitary facilities.
  • Work with the Project Manager to create and maintain an emergency phone list of subcontractors.
  • Obtain and maintain on site a copy of the building permit and the original approved plans.
  • Complete all necessary preconstruction planning activities and procedures including, but not limited to, subsurface inspections and identification prior to excavations (i.e. One-Call), inspection of adjacent properties, photos of existing conditions, planning and installation of a site fence and all pedestrian access ways, setup of temporary parking for subcontractors/vendors, setup of temporary utilities and rubbish removal, and the installation of all required jobsite signage.
  • Ensure the proper installation of E&S Controls and required inspections of same
  • Setup and execute all boundary survey work and line/grade controls.
  • Conduct weekly Foreman’s meetings.
  • Complete weekly safety inspection and associated report.
  • Conduct weekly “Tool Box Talk” and require subcontractors to do the same.
  • Provide proper notification to owners/tenants of any work activities that will affect them.
  • Perform all material take off and place orders appropriately for self-performed work.
  • Coordinate deliveries and take reasonable and proper measures to protect jobsite from theft, vandalism or damage.
  • Regularly monitor the installation of the work in the field and maintain/manage/execute Items to Complete list throughout the project. Upon completion of the project, coordinate and ensure the full and timely completion of the Punch Lists received from Design Professionals and/or Client.
  • Monitor and document equipment start-up and commissioning.
  • Participate in project close-out meetings.
  • Candidate must possess prior Superintendent experience, excellent communication skills, leadership skills, ability to schedule, multi-task and have strong problem solving capabilities.
  • Strong computer skills, experience with Sage (Timberline) software is preferred

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