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Toppy Nason

Excellence in Construction

In 1922, Walton Nason, Sr., founded a company whose name became a hallmark of quality construction throughout the region. Originally, the company was known as Nason Builders and serviced only the Philadelphia area market. In 1926, Nason began a partnership with the Cullen family and the company then became Nason & Cullen, Inc. Nason & Cullen survived the Great Depression and transitioned from primarily residential construction to exclusively commercial. Upon his return from Naval Aviation Service in World War II, Nason's son, Walton, Jr. (better known as "Toppy"), joined the company.

During the mid-1900s, Nason & Cullen enjoyed steady growth in size, reputation and the geographical area served. Recognizing opportunity, in 1988, Nason & Cullen established a Delaware Division, to service this growing region. In 1994, Nason & Cullen incorporated its Delaware Division as a subsidiary by the name of NC Builders, Inc.

In 2000, due to philosophical differences, the Nasons and Cullens ended their business relationship. With the separation of NC Builders from its former parent corporation, it was renamed Nason Construction, Inc., to emphasize to the community that the Nason family was now independent. Today's Principal, Thomas W. Nason, II, then assumed his current leadership role as Chief Executive Officer.

Shortly thereafter, in 2001, Nason Construction expanded its reach southward and opened its Delmarva Division in Salisbury, Maryland. Then, in 2002, it expanded to the North when it opened its Philadelphia Division in the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Nason Construction now services Northern Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.

The founder's legacy of "Excellence in Construction" is embraced by today's principal, Thomas W. Nason, II. Walton, Sr. and Toppy's philosophies were that the personal involvement of the principals is paramount to ensuring quality customer service and client satisfaction, along with the highest quality of construction. The family flavor and client oriented approach is still the foundation for this third generation construction company. Nason continues to provide "Excellence in Construction" and to be a leader in its industry.

Principal Tom Nason continues the tradition of a family-run business. His passion to provide individualized customer service to each and every client is represented by his active involvement in the day-to-day business of the company where he is accessible to clients and the project teams 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.